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Storylines and XP

Storylines and Experience Points

As we begin our online version of DFWLARP, I have turned the focus away from having plot lines that are engaged during our once a month gathering, and are now always available from within the Discord Server ( These “storylines”, as they are now called, are created by me from a combination of world building events that I am trying to highlight, and character background elements that are taken from your individual backstories. When a storyline is first introduced to the game, I write up the general information and opening narratives that define the conflict, and then a Discord thread is created that holds that document. When a player is assigned to that Storyline (either by being the primary target of the Storyline, or by asking for another player to be added to that Storyline), the information within that thread becomes accessible to the selected player(s). As players specify what they wish to accomplish regarding the conflict of the Storyline, I provide additional narration based upon the skill sets of the character, and by the outcome of the integrated die roller. For reference, here is an example of a Storyline interaction between a player and myself:

Players are also encouraged to interact with one another within the same Storyline thread. While there is no specific time frame requirement for players to post, storylines that are not engaged by Players will continue to progress as though no intervening actions took place with regards to the established conflict.

Because the game is now performed from an online standpoint, gaining experience points is now relegated to a flat number of 10. If your character is engaging storylines and/or other characters within the online section, your character will be awarded these points. This engagement is not based upon attendance of the monthly social. However, players who do attend the monthly social will be considered to have their characters be making an engagement with others similar to the way that online engagements occur.

Players can increase their current Merit scores by continuing to create journal entries in WorldAnvil that reflect the activity that they are performing in order to increase Merits. Merit awards will vary between 1 and 3 points, based upon storyteller discretion.