Author: Debi

Equipping Experience

               As we continue to approach our first actual game, I wanted to take a moment to talk about Experience Points and how they will be tracked going forward. As I have mentioned previously, improving your Character Traits no longer takes individual downtimes, so the only thing that limits your character growth is how many Experience Points you have available for your character. With that in mind, we’re changing the way that Experience Points are tracked. Historically, I had created a database system, and was entering in all spends and gains for each character as players performed activities and made requests to spend points. This was a lot of maintenance work for me obviously and so I am glad to be trying a different methodology this time around.

               As you (hopefully) know by now, we are tracking character sheets inside of the WorldAnvil system ( If you have not yet signed up for the system, please do so now, as we are getting very close to starting game; and this is literally your only way to have a character in our system. Debi has created an excellent document for getting signed up into our system, which she has made into a PDF ( Once you have made your character in WorldAnvil, you will see there are several tabs available for you to review information about your character, similar to Debi’s as shown here:

Example of Character Profile

               Once your character has been added, the Experience Point gains and spends will be recorded inside the “Equipment” tab. Once again, for reference, this is an example taken from Debi’s character:

Example of the Equipment (Experience) Screen

Here are the important things to note with regards to Experience Points. First, the Name Field should show the reason for the change to the Experience log. When you are recording your purchases, you should list what you are buying (Strength 2, Prime 4, Striking Looks (2), etc.) as well as the date you are making the purchase. Second, the Type Field should always be Currency (for consistency). Third, the Quantity Field should be a negative number matching the number of Experience Points you are spending. For example, if you are purchasing Strength 2 for your character, you should place -10 in the Quantity Field. Fourth, the Weight Field should be set to 1. The exception to this is when you are purchasing something without spending Experience Points, such as when you are using Bonus Traits, in which case it should be set to 0. Each purchase you make should be on a separate line in order to make reviewing your logs easier.  Additions to your Experience Log for activities such as attending game and such will be handled on the storyteller side, so you will not have to worry about that. Finally, remember that you are not allowed to make purchases that would cause your total Experience Points to go into the negative. Please let me know if you have a specific need to exceed your limit, and we can discuss it further.

               And with that, you have the basics of how to make purchases using Experience Points for your character. As always, if you have any questions about Experience Points, or the system as a whole, please feel free to send them my way. Looking forward to seeing you all at game!

(S)Trait Talk

               Last month, we talked about the introduction of using Bonus Traits to purchase customizations for your starting character instead of following the traditional book design or Character Creation rules that we created. The ideal is to create a system where characters can focus in on the aspect of their supernatural that appeals to them most, and not have to spend points into abilities or powers that they aren’t actually interested in. For this document, I’d like to go over a “high level” overview of the method for character creation.

  1. Assign Attributes (4/3/2). Apply 4 dots (beyond the initial 1) to your Primary attribute section. You can go to 5 with this or split the 4 dots between the two attributes located in the section you chose as your Primary. Apply 3 dots (beyond the initial 1) to your Secondary attribute section. Again, this can be split up between those attributes, or spent all on one. Finally, apply 2 dots (beyond the initial 1) to your Tertiary attribute section, divided between those two attributes as you please. Remember that Attributes only have the Power Name and the Resistance Name to select from. The Finesse Attribute is no longer used.
  2. Assign Skills (11/7/4). Apply 11 dots to your Primary skill section. Skills do not have any dots by default, so you must apply at least 1 dot in order to be considered to have the respective skill in question. You can purchase up to 5 dots in a single Skill. Apply 7 dots to your Secondary skill section, following the same methodology as the Primary skill section. Finally, apply 4 dots to the Tertiary skill section.
  3. Your Supernatural Rating starts at 1.
  4. Your Specializations start at 3.
  5. Apply Bonus Traits. New characters are created with 30 Bonus Traits. The following chart shows the cost of adding additional dots to different areas.
    • 4 Bonus Traits = 1 Supernatural Trait (max rating 3)
    • 4 Bonus Traits = 1 Attribute Trait (max rating 5)
    • 2 Bonus Traits = 1 Skill Trait (max rating 5)
    • 3 Bonus Traits = 1 Power Trait (max rating 5; includes 1 Talent)
    • 1 Bonus Trait = 1 Merit Trait (max rating 5)
    • 1 Bonus Trait = 1 Specialization Trait (max rating 10)
  6. Determine Health: 5 + Size
  7. Determine Willpower: Resolve + Composure
  8. Determine Speed: 5 + Strength + Stamina
  9. Determine Initiative: Stamina + Composure

While not all inclusive, this sheet should provide a basic feel for what character creation will look like for characters in the next season. As always, if you have any questions about this, please feel free to let me know.

Mage: The Retooling

Mage has always been one of the more difficult groups to get our mechanics system around, due to many of the unique properties that are inherent to Mage. If you’ve ever looked at the original spell casting instructions for Mage (which run from pages 110 to 129 of the Mage: The Awakening core book), you can see that there is far too much going on to entice new players into the genre.

Back during Season 2, I attempted to simplify those rules into something a bit more streamlined. But even with those changes, people still needed “cheat sheets” just to understand how to cast spells. Mage shouldn’t be this hard! This isn’t a test to get a degree, these are rules for a game where you play pretend fun times. So, with that in mind, we’re headed back again to Mage spell casting, in order to address some of the problems we discovered the first time around. Here are the main points that I want to address in this version of the rules:

1. Spells should always cost Mana. Every group has to deal with Fuel expenditure, Mages should not be getting around this issue. The cost of any spell (before additions) will always be 1 Mana.
2. Paradox should not exist in the current form. Vulgar Magic? Covert Magic? Improbable Magic? That’s just nonsense. Other groups can light their bodies on fire, grow wings, throw cars, and generally perform overall impossible tasks. Mages should not be any more difficult to handle than any other Genre.
3. Improvised Magic is not viable. While the concept of Improvised Magic is interesting, it causes new players to dig through all the source material to see if there’s something else they could have cast. With a maximum of 15 spells available per Arcana, and 9 Arcanas that exist for Mage, there is plenty of choices that Mages have without grabbing up random spells.
4. Reach must be useful. How much Reach does a Mage use for a typical spell? 1 for Instant Cast, 1 for Sight Range, then maybe 1 or 2 to move spells into the respective advanced charts? That’s a tax, not a choice. We’re eliminating free Reach for Mages, but also eliminating Reach requirements for Instant Cast and Sight Range. Going forward, Reach will be generated by the player’s choice, and will perform a tactical function, not simply a minimum requirement to cast a spell. Speaking of charts…
5. Advanced charts are removed. Advanced charts were just a simple way to get to more targets or duration without spending as much for the spell. Going forward, everything in Mage will be a simple 1 to 1 ratio. From there, it’s pretty straightforward how Mages can adjust their spells without requiring complex charts.

So, here are the steps we would use to cast a spell going forward:

  1. Select the Spell you wish to Cast from your available Spells and spend 1 Mana. The Spell currently has 1 Potency. This Spell can be cast as an Instant, and has a Range of Sight.
  2. Determine your available Die Pool (Gnosis + Arcana + Aptitude).
  3. Optional: Increase your available Reach by either reducing your Die Pool by 3, or by spending an additional Mana.
  4. Optional: If you have available Reach, you may spend it in the following ways:
    1. 1 Reach: Increase Potency by 1.
    1. 1 Reach: Increase Targets by 1.
    1. X reach: Any additional effect requiring Reach for the listed Spell you are casting.
  5. Roll Die, determine outcome:
    1. Dramatic Failure: Paradox roll is made to determine effect of failed spell.
    1. Failure: Spell does not activate.
    1. Success: Spell activates and must be resisted as normal.
    1. Exceptional Success: Spell activates and must be completely resisted, or the resistance is ignored for determining effects.

As you can see, this system should be much easier for determining what happens when a Spell is cast, without requiring large sections of text in order to understand the effect. For those Mages who still want to buff other players, your abilities have been largely unchanged. For individuals who want to attack others with spells, this methodology should prove much quicker for resolving your casting attempts.

Don’t Stress About Finesse

During Season 2 of DFWLARP, one of the key things we focused on was attempting to simplify die pools that were used in Skill based checks. Towards that end, all die pools were brought to a single formula of <Attribute> + <Skill> + <Bonus> – <Penalty>. For the most part this change was well received, and made it very easy for players to know what traits should be put together in order to create a Die Pool. One of the unfortunate side effects of this change, however, was that it effectively made purchasing any Finesse based Attributes (Wits, Dexterity, Manipulation) seemed somewhat redundant, as there was no real use for them. At that point in time, I responded to the Finesse Attributes limited value by tying Downtimes into those Attributes. But since we no longer will have Downtime limits any longer (go read if you don’t know what I am referring to), there’s really no reason to continue using the Finesse Attributes any longer.

With this in mind, we’ll no longer be tracking the Finesse Attributes on characters. Now, this will impact certain Merits (those that specifically allow a Finesse Attribute to be substituted for a Power attribute), and we’ll need to adjust character creation rules to reduce the number of Attribute points available when a new character is being created. By taking these actions though, the initial character creation process and the Skill die pools assembly should be an easier effort going forward for both new and existing players.

Welcome to full Power (Attributes) for everything, let me know if you have any questions on how this will work!

Time for some Short Shots

As part of my continuing efforts to  get back into the feel of running in person games, I’m going to be holding a series of “short shot” tabletop role playing games. By “short shot”, I mean that the games will generally only be planned out for a few months to get a feel for any interest in the game. If there is some sort of interest, we will continue running the game longer, otherwise I will simply move on to another tabletop game and continue to make these games available.

If you are someone you know would be interested in a much smaller role playing experience, these games could be a great way to get your feet wet with smaller groups and generally simpler mechanics. Currently, I’m planning to run these games on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month. If there’s some larger demand for a different day of the week, I do have some flexibility in this matter.

In addition to the fun camaraderie and my smiling demeanor, players who participate in these “short shots” can earn 5 experience points per month for their character in DFWLarp, which is not part of the monthly total. While you are welcome to attend both monthly sessions, the 5-experience point limit only requires a single monthly game.

These games will be first come, first serve, with limits on the total number of players that can be included in any of these sessions. So, if you are interested, contact Debi using one or more of the many social avenues she has available to be reached by. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Your Character Needs More Social

With the start of the newest Season of DFWLARP, one of the things I wanted to focus on was to increase our online social connections. I believe that, by doing this, we can help increase interest and activity between games, and potentially draw in more players.

As you have probably seen, Debi has been working diligently to upgrade our forum site and establish connectivity between that site and many of the more commonly used social media sites. As part of this effort, we will be awarding bonus points for our newest DFWLARP season based on your interactions with the forum site.

Many of you have already previously signed onto the forums ( However, with the recent changes to the site, we are asking all players to fill in the new additional information fields related to your persona. This will help new players know who the individuals are behind the characters.

In order to update your profile, go to the Profile Page ( From there, you will see all the additional fields that have been added into the site. Of particular note, we have added the Player Name field, and the Pronoun fields. We’d like for everyone to take advantage of these fields, in order to help acclimate the people using the site with the individuals they are interacting with. In addition, you will also find references to some of the more common social sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Adding these fields will allow people to find and connect with you outside of the DFWLARP site. Once you have added the additional information, be sure to click the “Submit” button.

Completion of this profile section will award your character 10 experience points, which are not part of the standard monthly limit.

Additionally, we would like everyone to take pictures of yourself in costume (current or previous), and post them on your Instagram account (must be a public account to show up in the feed) with the hashtag #DFWLarp. This will allow our “People of DFWLarp” page ( to locate those pictures online, and add that to the page. Each unique picture posted to your account will award your character 2 experience points (up to a maximum of 10), which are not part of the standard monthly limit.

We’re very excited about the upcoming Season of DFWLarp, and we hope to bring in more features to help you get connected to both the game as well as the players in it. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Updates to DFWLARP Web Properties!

I have upgraded and updated our main website, and the forums attached. They should run both better and have more current information. We also have a few new social goodies to play with! If you have any other thoughts or ideas, let me know and I’ll try to implement them.


  • Upgraded WordPress
  • Cleaned up and updated all the documentation
  • Updated forms
  • Added Social Buttons (FB Page, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Discord)
  • Added Social showcase component (FB Page, Instagram or Twitter) so you can now upload pics and videos with the #dfwlarp hashtag directly from game! (They show up in the right menu and the “Person” button)


  • Upgraded PHPBB
  • Purged all old stories and group affiliations (when you make new characters I’ll update what you can see)
  • Added new fields for user profile (Player Name, Pronouns) that show up on the member list for others to see.
  • Added colors to groups similar to our Discord Server (ex: vampires show as red in forums, mages blue, etc.)
  • Updated Theme (the old one broke when we upgraded, oops!) and am tweaking it so it looks like the website.
  • Reposted creation mechanics documentation with updated content.

NEW Facebook PAGE

  • We now have a page for DFWLARP on Facebook, it is still attached to the current (private) group.
  • All Events moved to “Page” and show up on our master website under the “Events” tab.

NEW Instagram Account

  • Upload pics and videos directly from game!

NEW TikTok Account

  • Videos are always fun!

(Un)Death and Taxes

The more I have been running these games, the more I realize that game taxes are just not a good thing. They add more admin work for me, they force players to spend experience just to overcome them, and they don’t add anything to the feel or flow of the story. Experience point gain is an excellent limiter of activity. No matter how awesome or invested you are in these games, you will eventually reach the “10 XP Cap” point. From there, your amount of effort doesn’t allow you to get any further ahead, it simply places you at the top of the pack for available experience to spend. With this in mind, we’re going to be getting rid of some of the more annoying game taxes we currently have. By doing this, I hope this encourages players who didn’t spend all of their XP each month to feel like they can still utilize their points in order to build the kind of character they want to play.

  • Downtime – Don’t panic, I’m not saying that you can’t do downtime between games. You absolutely still can do it, and you will still receive experience points for doing so. What I am saying is that there will be no more limits on the number of actions you can take between games. Want to go from Brawl 1 to Brawl 5 and you have the XP available? You go, Glen Coco! Want to send me a novel with all of your research efforts that you make between games. Have at thee! Want to perform massive sways of the mortal influences between games? Nobody’s stopping you! By removing the downtime limit, I’m really hoping to encourage players to make some effort into the downtime system. No matter how much or how little you turn in, you will still receive the same amount of experience, meaning you can always find something to do from month to month.
  • Feeding – Look, I understand. Fuel is a thing for some character builds. But, having a requirement that players had to invest downtimes into recovering that fuel just so they could play with their build? I’m not a fan. So, the system will be much simpler. At the start of the game, your character will receive 5 + Source Fuel (maximum of 10). If you still need more than that, you can tell me at the start of game, and you will earn an additional 5 + Source Fuel. That should be more than enough for all but the most ridiculous of character concepts. And, if you are building a character that needs more than 20 Fuel per game, we should probably talk about what you are doing at game.
  • Buffing – No more buffing at the start of the game to last all night. Buffs last for a scene, and are then spent. Since Buffing will invariably use up Fuel, you’ll have to make a decision on how many times you want to make that investment, especially for other players. This will encourage multiple players to learn buffing, in order to provide redundancy as some characters use up all their resources.
  • Shared Merits – As before, 1 player must invest their experience into gaining any shared merit. However, they can choose to make those Merit(s) available to as many people as they wish. Have a house party within the Library of your Safe House, that’s fine with me. Anything that encourages characters to interact with one another is a good thing.

Hopefully, with the removal of some of the game taxes that exist, we can streamline the experience for players, and get everyone equally invested into playing!