Character Retirement

We want everyone to enjoy DFWLARP; but we understand that a combination of real life and other hobbies can sometimes make attendance difficult. However, every character requires time and maintenance in the system. Because of this, we have a Character Retirement policy as follows:

A Player is considered to have Retired from the Game if all of the following conditions are met:

  • The Player does not confirm their attendance intentions via Facebook for three consecutive sessions.
  • The Player does not attend any of the Games during the time frame listed previously.
  • The Player does not post in the In Character session of the Forums during the time frame listed previously.

Additionally, a Player may voluntarily request to be Retired from DFWLARP.

A Retired Player will have the following adjustments made:
1. Their Facebook Account will be removed from the DFWLARP Group.
2. Their DFWLARP Forum Account will be retired.
3. Their DFWLARP character will be removed from the system, including all XP earned on that character.

We hope this system will simplify matters for everyone, and will prevent any confusion about whether or not a Player is interested in participating without needing additional status requests from the staff.