Time for some Short Shots

As part of my continuing efforts to  get back into the feel of running in person games, I’m going to be holding a series of “short shot” tabletop role playing games. By “short shot”, I mean that the games will generally only be planned out for a few months to get a feel for any interest in the game. If there is some sort of interest, we will continue running the game longer, otherwise I will simply move on to another tabletop game and continue to make these games available.

If you are someone you know would be interested in a much smaller role playing experience, these games could be a great way to get your feet wet with smaller groups and generally simpler mechanics. Currently, I’m planning to run these games on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month. If there’s some larger demand for a different day of the week, I do have some flexibility in this matter.

In addition to the fun camaraderie and my smiling demeanor, players who participate in these “short shots” can earn 5 experience points per month for their character in DFWLarp, which is not part of the monthly total. While you are welcome to attend both monthly sessions, the 5-experience point limit only requires a single monthly game.

These games will be first come, first serve, with limits on the total number of players that can be included in any of these sessions. So, if you are interested, contact Debi using one or more of the many social avenues she has available to be reached by. Looking forward to seeing you all there!