(S)Trait Talk

               Last month, we talked about the introduction of using Bonus Traits to purchase customizations for your starting character instead of following the traditional book design or Character Creation rules that we created. The ideal is to create a system where characters can focus in on the aspect of their supernatural that appeals to them most, and not have to spend points into abilities or powers that they aren’t actually interested in. For this document, I’d like to go over a “high level” overview of the method for character creation.

  1. Assign Attributes (4/3/2). Apply 4 dots (beyond the initial 1) to your Primary attribute section. You can go to 5 with this or split the 4 dots between the two attributes located in the section you chose as your Primary. Apply 3 dots (beyond the initial 1) to your Secondary attribute section. Again, this can be split up between those attributes, or spent all on one. Finally, apply 2 dots (beyond the initial 1) to your Tertiary attribute section, divided between those two attributes as you please. Remember that Attributes only have the Power Name and the Resistance Name to select from. The Finesse Attribute is no longer used.
  2. Assign Skills (11/7/4). Apply 11 dots to your Primary skill section. Skills do not have any dots by default, so you must apply at least 1 dot in order to be considered to have the respective skill in question. You can purchase up to 5 dots in a single Skill. Apply 7 dots to your Secondary skill section, following the same methodology as the Primary skill section. Finally, apply 4 dots to the Tertiary skill section.
  3. Your Supernatural Rating starts at 1.
  4. Your Specializations start at 3.
  5. Apply Bonus Traits. New characters are created with 30 Bonus Traits. The following chart shows the cost of adding additional dots to different areas.
    • 4 Bonus Traits = 1 Supernatural Trait (max rating 3)
    • 4 Bonus Traits = 1 Attribute Trait (max rating 5)
    • 2 Bonus Traits = 1 Skill Trait (max rating 5)
    • 3 Bonus Traits = 1 Power Trait (max rating 5; includes 1 Talent)
    • 1 Bonus Trait = 1 Merit Trait (max rating 5)
    • 1 Bonus Trait = 1 Specialization Trait (max rating 10)
  6. Determine Health: 5 + Size
  7. Determine Willpower: Resolve + Composure
  8. Determine Speed: 5 + Strength + Stamina
  9. Determine Initiative: Stamina + Composure

While not all inclusive, this sheet should provide a basic feel for what character creation will look like for characters in the next season. As always, if you have any questions about this, please feel free to let me know.