Show Changelings Some Love (Or Else)

Ah, Changelings. Such a thematically cool genre, full of interesting concepts and themes. Body modification, physical and mental assault, kidnapping, horror within beauty; all of these themes and more are part of the larger world of Changeling. Sadly, Changeling suffers from being one of the least well-designed genres in the game. Whatever goal or idea you would want to accomplish for your character, there’s always another genre that does what they do better. In a world where you were only playing Changeling, these limitations might not be so obvious; but in a game that focuses on freedom of player choice, the limitations of this group quickly become obvious. They are a far cry from the combat prowess of some of the higher tier groups, they lack the buffing capabilities and flexibility of other support genres, and even fail to promote the social capabilities available to certain genres. Because of this, Changeling becomes one of the least selected genres in our game, which continues to dissuade other players from considering the genre.

In my mind, I believe that Changelings should be the pinnacle of Condition delivery, since emotions are so intrinsically tied into the genre. Given this, I’ll be adding a new ability that will allow all Changelings to natively inflict Conditions onto individuals. This power will be available to all Changeling without the expenditure of experience. I’m listing the power below, but it will also be referenced in the Changeling Rules forums, to help make it easier for players to locate.

Exploit the Heart

With a few choice words and glances, the Changeling undermines the emotional stability of their target. The individual soon finds themselves lost in their emotions, unable to realize what was done to them.

Cost: None

Dice Pool: Wyrd + Presence + <Intimidation, Persuasion, or Subterfuge>

Action: Contested

Roll Results:

Success: The target is inflicted with a Condition based on the Seeming of the Changeling (see below). This Condition lasts until the target is no longer in sight range of the Changeling. If the target already is suffering from the Condition that would be applied, the Condition is not applied. In addition, the target receives a -2 Penalty on any roll to resist a Contract placed on them by the Changeling. This additional effect ends at dawn.

Exceptional Success: As the Success result, but the -2 Penalty lasts for a month instead.

Failure: The target is not affected by this ability.

Dramatic Failure: In addition to not being affected by the Changeling, the target can no longer have this ability used on them for the remainder of the day. Additionally, the target generally becomes hostile towards the Changeling.

Beast: Changelings of the Beast Seeming inflict the Berserk Condition.

Darkling: Changelings of the Darkling Seeming inflict the Frightened Condition.

Elemental: Changelings of the Elemental Seeming inflict the Confused Condition.

Fairest: Changelings of the Fairest Seeming inflict the Swooned Condition.

Ogre: Changelings of the Ogre Seeming inflict the Cowed Condition.

Wizened: Changelings of the Wizened Seeming inflict the Lethargic Condition.