New Merit: Lore

Lore represents a character’s knowledge of a specific knowledge of the World of Darkness. This knowledge is connected to a specific group, such as Vampires and Mages. In order to acquire the Lore Merit from a group beyond the Player’s Character type, the Player will need to find a PC teacher (with the amount of desired Lore or higher), or they will need to spend Karma. The experience costs for this Merit is the standard cost (2 XP times Level), except for the Lore Merit matching the character type.

This chart represents the approximate knowledge that is held at each level of Lore.

1. The character is aware of all of the Primary Sects and Affiliations connected with the respective group, including general strengths and weaknesses and common ideologies.

2. The character is aware of all of the Powers of the respective group. While the character may not know the specific components, they understand the ability of the different Powers.

3. The character is aware of the respective group’s enemies, including a general understanding of the ideologies towards the group. The character also is aware of the respective group’s ideologies towards their enemies.

4. The character is aware of historical origins of the respective group, including information on legendary or mythical aspects of this group (if any). The character is truly a source of authority as relates to this group.