At DFWLARP, we want to encourage people to contribute to the well being of the game. In that spirit, we have created a reward system for people who contribute to game sessions in some way. Players who contribute will receive points toward a pool of spendable “karma” for every time you donate food, items, money, or time. The chart below provides a guideline for the different awards.

Donation Awards (Maximum 60 points per month):

  • Food: 5 – 15 points per item, depending on cost and total servings.
  • Drinks: 5 – 15 points per item (must be Bottled Water or 12 oz cans).
  • Money: 1$ Per Point (Limit of 20$ per month).

Service Awards (Maximum 50 pounts per month):

  • New Player Mentoring (per player game/day) – 5 points
  • ST Assistant (Narration, NPC, etc., per game) – 15 points
  • Hosting a game – 40 points
  • Transporting a player to game – 10 per person
  • Recruiting – 25 points

Karma will be able to Purchase: (Updated as options are added)

Items that are out of Affiliation/Sect:

  • One time abilities (Rites, Devotions, Gifts, Merits) – 5 * Level Karma
  • Full abilities (Disciplines, Contracts) – 50 Karma


  • Lodges, Bloodlines, Legacies, Entitlements – 100 Karma
  • Minor Templates – 150 Karma
  • Major templates (not currently part of the standard templates) – 250 Karma
  • Character Transfer (maintain all XP from current character) – 50 Karma

Note: Karma costs are doubled for Antagonist options.