XP (Experience Points)

Below is the list of all the ways you can earn experience for your character. You are limited to 10 XP per month, unless you are below the Chronicle Maximum, in which case you can earn up to 15 XP per month. Chronicle Maximum is calculated at 10 XP per month, starting in January 2016.

◦1 XP: Confirm event arrival on Facebook Group.*
◦4 XP: Game attendance.
◦1-3 XP: Costuming.
◦1 XP: Post game survey completion (posted in Facebook Group the morning after game).*
◦1-4 XP: Forum activity.*
◦1-4 XP: Downtime reporting (via forum PM or online form).*

Events marked with * do not require game attendance in order to complete.
To request XP purchases on your character, you have the option of requesting at game via paper form, or on the online form anytime between games (up to day before game).