Downtime Availability

A Character is assumed to have a number of Downtimes per month Equal to their “Resolve” Rating.

The following activities require the expenditure of 1 or more Downtimes:

  • Any Activity where the results would require a Resolution Challenge in game.
  • Any Activity that requires the expenditure of Experience Points (each expenditure requires an individual Downtime).
  • Any Activity used to increase the amount of “Fuel” avaialable to a Character.
  • Any Activity that would allow a Character to gain Experience Points for Downtime Activity.

In addition to Resolve, a Character may use a Retainer to complete a Downtime Activity. Downtime Activities performed by Retainers use their Die Pools in order to resolve challenges (if needed).

Downtime Activities that require multiple Players must be conducted with the knowledge and consent of all Players involved.