Updates to DFWLARP Web Properties!

I have upgraded and updated our main website, and the forums attached. They should run both better and have more current information. We also have a few new social goodies to play with! If you have any other thoughts or ideas, let me know and I’ll try to implement them.


  • Upgraded WordPress
  • Cleaned up and updated all the documentation
  • Updated forms
  • Added Social Buttons (FB Page, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Discord)
  • Added Social showcase component (FB Page, Instagram or Twitter) so you can now upload pics and videos with the #dfwlarp hashtag directly from game! (They show up in the right menu and the “Person” button)


  • Upgraded PHPBB
  • Purged all old stories and group affiliations (when you make new characters I’ll update what you can see)
  • Added new fields for user profile (Player Name, Pronouns) that show up on the member list for others to see.
  • Added colors to groups similar to our Discord Server (ex: vampires show as red in forums, mages blue, etc.)
  • Updated Theme (the old one broke when we upgraded, oops!) and am tweaking it so it looks like the website.
  • Reposted creation mechanics documentation with updated content.

NEW Facebook PAGE

  • We now have a page for DFWLARP on Facebook, it is still attached to the current (private) group.
  • All Events moved to “Page” and show up on our master website under the “Events” tab.

NEW Instagram Account

  • Upload pics and videos directly from game!

NEW TikTok Account

  • Videos are always fun!